As a kid I always had an eye of making my own clothes. By the age of seven I started painting on shirts from templates that you can buy from the arts and craft store. I was making bracelets and selling them for a dollar at school. Also I was able to sketch people by the age of nine. As a teen I was back and forth with designing T-Shirts and destroying my own cloths on purpose as my own statement. Through the years, I decided to put fashion aside and work on a career. Went to college. Received a BA degree in Computer Science Concentration Network Security. I went to become a Video Engineer. By 2014, I decided to get back into what I loved so much, what felt good inside. Fashion, clothes, and art. 2015 I started my own brand name LAYOL. That's LOYAL backwards. This is who I am...



                                          -Quiana Brown


Loyalty is not a word its a lifestyle...


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